Kafka ★★★½

TIFF 2021: #14 (Special Events)

Was unsure whether I should just log this as Mr. Kneff or as Kafka considering the fact that what we were given was a completely re-edited version of this movie with the title Mr. Kneff. As expected from Steven Soderbergh, there's a lot to love here with regards to how he experiments with his own projects.

I don't know how much more sense this new cut makes compared to the original, which was already a dense film in its own right - but completely removing all the dialogue (now opting for subtitles), re-tinting the entire picture, and straight up rearranging the movie just makes an entire other experience.

Plus, I got a question in on the Q&A, which was nice. What Soderbergh said about the new title was that it matches the lip movements, so take that as you will.

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