The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

I Loved This Film, Bro. 

Yes this is a film bro movie 100%. I wouldn’t say that i’m a ‘film bro’ but I still very much loved this movie. It’s has everything that made me love War Dogs a lot but x10 & pairing that with Martin Scorsese’s excellent direction equals a fucking phenomenal movie that tells one of the most interesting stories in 3 hours whilst managing to keep it interesting. Is the fact it’s 3 hours a bit of a turn off at face value? Yeah 100%, hence why I hadn’t watched it before this. I braved it today though & I will absolutely never regret it because it’s probably one of my favourite movies. Now the important question, does it make top 4? Ehhh, I don’t know, I don’t think I prefer it to Knives Out which is No.5 & that’s because of one very key thing. Pacing. Knives Out is excellently paced, super well done & everything constantly felt fresh. With Wolf Street, I think there are a couple of periods were it feels a bit slow which is ironic because the movie isn’t slow. There’s always something happening but that isn’t a bad thing because it’s controlled & it’s constantly interesting. Every scene means something & like I said the story is so well told. Another thing that helps this movie is how insane these performances are. I don’t think I can name another film i’ve ever watched in which every single performance is literally perfect. Are they accurate to the people they are portraying? I don’t fucking know, I don’t know Jordan Belfort but considering this movie followed his memoir, I’d imagine it was accurate. Leonardo Di Caprio should’ve won an Oscar for this. Fun fact, this is the first ever Di Caprio movie i’ve ever watched & I get the hype around this man, he’s absolutely fantastic. Margot Robbie was also excellent, I believe this was her first big movie and she was like 22, fair play to her because she was unbelievable, both performance wise & you know, the looks too. Jonah Hill is one of my favourite actors & this was another one of his great performances, the man doesn’t miss, he’s always a highlight. I’ve took a different approach to this review & just done one humongous paragraph talking shit about this movie because I just can’t get over how great it actually is. Like I said, I think it just makes my top ten but it’s just kind of mesmerising & genuinely mental how this is based off of a true story, with some real iconic performances. 

Overall because of the reasons above, I’d give this a 10/10. Like I said, I do not have any issues with this movie at all but the pacing of a couple scenes where it’s just like, you’ve come off the back of one insane scene & then you follow that with a bit off a mid scene, it just unnecessarily slowed it down.