Uncut Gems

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Wow. Just wow. I don't even know how to conceive of writing this review, but don't expect many negative aspects to come out of it.

While I was going to say the amount of characters in the movie was a bit excessive, not one of them overstayed their welcome and none of them seemed pointless. Not to mention they actually got Kevin Garnett, the Weeknd, and other people. Adam Sandler was - and I kid you not - one of the best performances I've seen in the last year. It isn't DiCaprio in Wolf level, but it's certainly more like Eisenberg in The Social Network. And the villain, while I thought was a bit mundane in the first hour, really picked up the pace towards the end.

The plot should've made the movie a short film, but in an After Hours kind of way, just keeps opening up like a Russian doll into a 2h30m feature film, and it's absolutely brilliant. From the handover to the betting to the auction to the affair, the movie never stops unleashing new avenues to continue down until the final minutes bring everything to a screeching halt.

I usually put the music under "little stuff" but I have to elaborate on it in this movie. I've never seen an original score in a movie take me to another universe, but this sure did. I mean from the title track to Howard's own song, it is just filled to the brim with tonal consistency and... ugh it's hard to put into words how much I loved this soundtrack.

In all honesty, the last 45 minutes of this movie is some of the best cinema presentation I have ever experienced in my life. I sat through the credits with my chin on the floor, and I still can't get over the ending. I mean talk about a complete 180 in the last little bit. It goes from lust to envy to gluttony to wrath to probably more I'm not smart enough to pick up on in the space of time most movies take to deliver one line of dialogue.

When I was sitting in the shower thinking about what to give this movie, I wanted to say a 9/10 because I thought the family aspect was overdone and unnecessary, but now I realize that it was crucial to the plot, and the ending cemented my thoughts on that. So in the end, I'm giving this a 10/10, as I can barely even think of an example of what I would improve upon. Okay fine the ending pissed me off, I mean what the hell why did it all have to happen like that. It made the movie objectively better but I mean come on I got a little dizzy for a minute there. Okay that's all I'm done.

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