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  • Because I Said So

    Because I Said So


    Quirky codependency masked as comedy filled with sociopaths

    Wild how Gabriel Macht is the blueprint for Ryan Gosling in La La Land, copy/paste/oscar nom. but excuse me.... he introduced Mandy Moore to his child after their FIRST DATE?! Red flag. Red flags everywhere.
    If he likes this move THAT's a dealbreaker, ladiesz.

    Straight people are so weird.

    ((Tony Hale!))

  • Thirteen Women

    Thirteen Women

    Using the OG "Burn Book" and the power of horoscopes (?) scorned classmate in Elphaba costume drives 11 Women (movie is titled 13 Women) to kill themselves in a cross country caper including trains, tampered candy, trapeze artist tragedy, and ACTING.