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  • The Blood Spattered Bride

    The Blood Spattered Bride

    of course the vampire teacher is teaching the kids about blood lol
    of Montreal carmillas of love got me here and looping in my head the whole time :))
    I like when I say 'this sounds like Residents' re the score
    bad men run in families I guess

    a little confused about ‘i think you like it when he hurts you’ from the kid 
    and it was cooler before they brought in the psychoanalytic stuff but no problem
    also the movie was comedic in various parts but not as comic relief which i like :)

  • Bulworth


    "is this how white people rap?" - thesis of movie
    movie is unexpectedly unbelievably based for the most part
    at least for the type of movie it is and the intended audience I guess.
    was delightfully surprised by the involvement of halle berry and don cheadle and their performances were fantastic
    ennio morricone score was great and each time the hitman music played it was like requiem for a dream
    that it kept form after halle berry's character motive is…

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  • Zappa


    camden international film festival :))
    original kickstarter backer :))

    Very nice use of archival footage especially at the beginning.
    Kept it pretty unproblematic which made sense.
    Really liked that archival footage.
    RIP Frank Zappa.

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Kevin Garnett at the end saying ‘in the end it was just me and the rock’ in the archival game footage was really the icing on the cake. Such an impressive feat.