Blindspotting ★★★★

Just a quick review on Blindspotting. Blindspotting has some small pacing issues and if you pay enough attention you can nitpick some of the logic in the movie. But besides those small flaws, Blindspotting is a fairly well rounded film. Blindspotting achieves what it was trying to accomplish. While being a solid drama/comedy, Blindspotting provides powerful commentary on Police brutality, cultural appropriation, guns, and living in fear as a black man in modern day America. That can be attributed to the excellent direction from Carlos López Estrada in his directorial debut and phenomenal writing by the two main stars of the film Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal. Their performances are just as powerful as their writing. Surprisingly, one of the best parts of Blindspotting was Oakland. The cinematography played huge part of that by providing a feeling that you are actually there in the moment with the characters. 

Blindspotting has a lot of important commentary that everyone should pay attention to in today’s social climate. It also works as a solid drama/comedy, it has a little bit for everyone. Definitely give this a watch if it’s in a theater near you, it’s very deserving of your money.

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