Possessor ★★★★½

First off, lemme just say that I came *this* close to giving this thing the full 5 stars. However, I know myself well enough to realize that I almost gave this 5 stars because I’m totally in the honeymoon phase and I always want to give a movie I love 5 stars right after watching it. So while yes, this may be a 5 star film right in this very moment, I’m sure once I wake up tomorrow I will realize it’s not quite that good. But it is PRETTY DAMN GOOD (best movie of the year so far?! Honestly.....maybe. Which is crazy because I love Tenet more than life itself but that’s a discussion for another time). 

Man, I don’t even know where to start with this thing. The best compliment I can give it is that it’s the kind of movie I would want to make. It’s right up my alley. Way too real sci-fi with great philosophical questions, mind blowing practical effects, haunting and legitimately spine tingling imagery, and a brutal ending that will fully fuck you up. It feels both heavily inspired (Ghost in the Shell, Enemy, Inception) and completely original at the same time. It’s like Cronenberg took the tech from GitS and made a movie about what we would actually do with technology like that. It’s fucking terrifying. 

Damn. My mind is racing back and forth, retracing over all the insane shit that happened in this movie. I don’t know what else to say other than it’s really fucking great and if you like batshit sci-fi, you should 100% see it. Super excited to see what Brandon Cronenberg does next.

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