Searching for Bobby Fischer

Searching for Bobby Fischer ★★★★★

He’s responsible for several of the best movies ever made — so when I say this might be my favorite Steven Zaillian film, I know how that sounds.

I’ve always been a sucker for movies about prodigy and genius (jealous I guess). There’s something profoundly fun about watching a person be really smart. (Do we like it because by keeping pace it makes us feel clever too?)

There’s an unassuming depth to the movie. This isn’t a movie about children — it’s about adults. 

I can’t stop reflecting on what Zaillian explores here:

True genius and how the “wise” presume to shape it.

How much of childhood trauma is failed teaching?

What society values isn’t necessarily what’s best for us.

Adults: creatures doomed to duplicate their own imperfections in children.

Goodness/benevolence/decency — not just something society undervalues, but something it’ll stamp out of you if undefended.

What’s more important than genius? Than greatness? Than immortality?


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