Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★★

Have a feeling I'll love this even more on a re-watch. Lacks the same conceptual brilliance that crept into Resident Evil or the surprising tenderness I (eventually) got out of Pompeii but makes up for it with sheer visual invention and a shocking level of minimal focus for a movie at this scope. This feels like Anderson's most Carpenterian movie (even over Event Horizon) in its lack of fat, its excellent fraternal chemistry between leads, and its mordant sense of humor in the face of nihilistic terror. Jaa and Jovovich play off each other so well, and Anderson actually wrings a sense of variety out of what could easily have just been so many sand-covered, craggy set locations. This would make a superb double-feature with Peter Jackson's King Kong, down to a truly chilling bug interlude and with an array of great, unique creatures. One of the best CGI clusterfuck climaxes you'll see, to boot.

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