Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ★½

The first film was unexpectedly watchable, even factoring in its bizarre treatment of WWI Germany as roughly Nazis and its downright horrid final-act collapse into a laser-light show. So even though it probably shouldn't, it came as a surprise to see how profoundly incompetent and unwatchable this was, featuring performances from returning actors that were inexplicably less developed or naturalistic than last time and a plot so convoluted that it stands proudly with Rise of Skywalker as a pure encapsulation for everything wrong with blockbuster filmmaking.

The first film papered over Gadot's deficiencies as an actor thanks to the actual chemistry she shared with Pine, but Pine has so little to do here that he is completely checked out and that leaves her effectively on her own. It's remarkable to see how badly she drags down every other actor she shares screen time with here, and how much better people like Wiig and Pascal are in scenes without her. Add in its bizarre decision to include absolutely laughable geopolitics and a theme so poorly developed that it accidentally casts "be careful what you wish for" as "know your fucking place" and you're left with a pure mess. Looks absolutely ugly as shit, to boot.

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