Tomb Raider ★★★★

Warner Bros. Cinema 

“All myths are foundations of reality”

Lets get one thing straight; Alicia Vikander is excellent in the titular role. She’s arguably perfect. Not only charismatic and charming, but she’s also able to truly act when she needs to. Vikander portrays a character that is the perfect embodiment of female power, and with that, Tomb Raider has a lot of fun on its hands. For the most part it lives up to its name. Action sequences are majestic, with prowess. The story (while cliched) plays well with emotional connection, and Walton Goggins could play the evilest man on earth and he’d still charm me. But with certain awkward character moments, delivered mostly through badly written and performed dialogue in its opening first act, it is still lacking to be the breakout video game film we’ve all waited for, but that being said, it isn’t far off.


3D: Interestingly enough, the 3D in Tomb Raider  didn’t work in my screening, but we were all given free admission tickets for any movie of our choice. Fair play Vue, fair play.

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