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  • You Only Live Once

    You Only Live Once

    The first film of 2021.

    This year, beyond the usual, lose weight and try to eat healthier, one of my new year´s resolutions is to write, at least a little something about each movie I watch. This seems like a good enough platform to make that happen so here is the start of it. If it goes like any of my resolutions in prior years, this is not something I should be looking forward to doing for too long, but…

  • Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal

    Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal

    #46 of 2021

    While I have experienced this interactive video, I´m not logging it to talk about it. I remember it filling about 30 minutes of my life and the song at the end was fun, but there is more important information to put down. I want to have a written record of the moments after watching the final moments of Carmen Sandiego...

    When I sat down on my couch this evening, I did not know I was about to…

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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside

    #131 of 2021

    As comedy specials go, this is wholly different. I was a bit off-put by the form, this was presented in, so, even though I enjoyed Bo Burnham's comedy in the past, I waited a bit to see this one.

    I loved it. It´s very hard to compare it to anything I´ve ever seen. It´s very much its own thing. Other comedians (like James Acaster or Daniel Sloss for example) also bring a lot of pathos into their…

  • Run


    #130 of 2021

    Wau. I wasn´t this creeped out by a film in a long time...

    The concept of an overprotective mother taken to an unbelievable, disturbing place. The mystery worked very well, kept me intrigued pretty much the whole film. It wasn´t overloaded with jump scares, it actually took its time and developed the horror in tandem with the characters. The soundtrack was proper haunting. The story was absolutely heartbreaking and very, very disturbing, and the ending was tense and kathartic... I loved it.

    A great, juicy role for Sarah Paulson. She nailed it.

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  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    #119 of 2021

    Ok. All of my hope that this would be a bit more subtle than the last one was absolutely dispelled about two minutes into the film. The opening exorcism sequence was like the opening set-piece of a ridiculous action movie and the franchise has now fully become the horror genre equivalent of a Mission: Impossible movie. I dig it.

    The absence of James Wan is felt. It doesn't really have the look or the atmosphere of a…

  • Fermière à Montfaucon

    Fermière à Montfaucon

    #90 of 2021

    Another short documentary from Eric Rohmer. In this one, he chooses as his subject a female farmer, highlighting her routine and explaining her situation via narration.

    As with A Modern Coed, this short also points out a moment of change, in the cultural landscape. In the aforementioned A modern Coed, this change is looked at as a shift in perception and a stark transformation of the shape of academia. Here, he simply captures a moment from a…