Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

is it better to speak or to die? 
this is the kind of love i fantasize about . i know the end leaves you with an ache in your heart, but thats the best kind. its so nuanced and passionate and everytime they touch you hold your breath a little as if fireworks are going off. i haven’t been able to express how this movie and book have impacted me and i still don’t think i can. i can say however, that these characters and the actors embodying them are incredible. one of my favourite shots is after elio and oliver’s first night together. just before elio suggests going for a swim, he is sitting on the edge of the bed and the camera turns to oliver revealing his disappearing smile that breaks my heart. you see him go from feeling happy about the night to then nervous and worrisome after seeing elio be distant, making him question it all. its a quick five second shot, but armie’s expression really got me. and michael stole the show for me, i’m infuriated he appeared in three best picture nominees and didn’t get any nominations himself. he deserves so much better. and timmy, we all know, is pure magic and my best actor. i could go on and on talking about my favourite moments but i’ll finish by saying: this is one of those movies that calms me down, envelopes me in its world and lets me breath. i love this story so much. LOVE IS REAL FOLKS.

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