Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★½

When I saw the reviews for Suicide Squad I thought the critics were being too harsh on the film. But when I walked out the theater today I ended up seeing that in many ways they were right.
For example the first half hour was a big messy exposition dump that was both poorly edited and paced. The villain felt weak and undeveloped. And the story wasn't written very well.
But there was plenty of stuff in the film that I liked as well.
Will Smith was badass as Deadshot.
Margot Robbie was hot af.
Jared Leto I thought was good as the Joker.
David Ayer's direction was solid.
The humor was well done.
The action was cool.
The soundtrack for the movie was awesome. But during the first half hour many of the songs were awkwardly cut off and made them feel misplaced.
But whatever. In the end I walked out disappointed but satisfied with what I got.

P.S. Slipknot was absolutely astonishing in this movie.

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