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  • Boys State

    Boys State



    - Fucking fantastic film dude.
    - Starting with the one thing that felt off to me was all the little inserts of phones that people used, idrc about the memes thing but like all the inserts screamed post-production money after a studio deal. Its not a bad thing but I think compared to how fucking cool this movie is and how nicely it flows, seeing shit like that kinda takes me out of it, its a MAJOR nitpick but…

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow



    - I haven't seen Thunder Road yet but I really loved the short that Thunder Road is built on a ton and I think Jim Cummings is a really fantastic artist and performer, I really dug this one a ton.
    - Robert Forrester is great in this and the whole thing just hits so much harder knowing it was one of the last movies he was in before he passed. And I think the whole narrative in…

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  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate


    AMC Dolby Matinee

    - Hey. I didn't have super high hopes but this one delivered what I was looking for, some fan service, fun action, and Mackenzie Davis fucking shit up on the big screen.
    - Overall this one feels much better than anything that came after T2, it also has a plotline that feels more akin to the films before James Cameron left the franchise, and it is better off for it.
    - Miller's direction is very much on…

  • Mank




    - TLDR: Mank is a fantastic movie that brings Fincher back to movies in a great way, the political intrigue, commentary on old Hollywood, and love letter to Citizen Kane and the films of then is just amazing to watch unfold.

    - Perhaps it is because I have been watching a lot of Fincher lately, or perhaps it is because this year has been starved of really truly great movies, but Mank was one of the highlights of the…