The Straight Story ★★★★½

Disney+ w/ Adam, Shanth, Pio, and Mike

- TLDR: A really entrancing movie, I loved every second, such a great little story on life, loneliness, and growing old.

- Absolutely wonderful. I was trepidatious about this being a good group watch but I am happy I was wrong. A really mesmerising movie from start to finish. A lovely story.
- The acting is awesome, Sissy Spacek kills it and Richard Farnsworth def turns in one of the best Lynch preformances ever. The emotion on both of their faces, how they carry each other, it's truly a sight to behold. They both wander on screen with this air of loneliness, longing, and a kind of sadness.
- I think most people consider this the least David Lynch of all the Lynch movies, and I think that's right but at the same time I am surprised how much of his style is here. The absurdist surrealism is prevalent and folds into this old man tale really nicely. It's wild I think this is def the most hopeful of all the Lynch movies, with some really legitimate warmth and happiness, but at the same time its coupled by this air of existentialism, with Alvin (And Rose), knowing that the world is passing them by, or if this great quest will really amount to anything.
- Deer lady is the best.
- Rural america feels very well represented here as we meander along going just a bit slower than we might.
- The score is nice, Angelo Badalamenti's an absolute god of composing.
- The last 5 minutes are absolutely sick.