Rampage ★★★

As the title suggests this is a big blockbuster action film, providing a huge source of money into this huge blockbuster. The plot has Dwayne Johnson, playing a character who interacts and communicates with animals, called Davis. As he builds a closer relationship with one gorilla, called George. As there is an energy company called “Energyn” releases a pathogen syrum which affects 3 animals, as they grow and become out of control and the animals grow rapidly and become extremely dangerous too. The 3 animals are attracted to the syrum that can help reduce the the affects of the pathogen. The animals charge towards the company building and I think we can all guess what occurs from this... Rampage and chaos starts to happen. The city gets ripped up, there is so much destruction, explosions and chaos all over the city. The old friends of Davis and George (gorilla) meet up again to work as a team and destroy the other two dangerous animals. Obviously, there could only be one actor to take part in a huge blockbuster like this : The Rock going face to face with a flying giant wolf and fight them off. Creating some entertaining action moments when they all collide together. I enjoyed the chemistry snd connection Davis and George had with each other. Building up a good friendship and working together as a team; also provided some great emotion in the film as well. They also had some funny moments between the two characters. This was a solid action film with a nice ending to it. 

Overall, I would review this film 3/5⭐️ It is a entertaining action film, with some brilliant CGI. Dwayne Johnson does an amazing job as usual in his action type films. He’s the man for the action type blockbuster films, great enjoyment watching him on screen. However, I don’t think this film is really special or outstanding for me. It’s just solid and reasonable entertaining. This film is also definitely much better on the big screen in cinemas. (I miss them so much...) This film is a much more needed experience on a huge screen with high quality sound and epic proportions of a huge action blockbuster film. 

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