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  • Cat People
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • Island of Lost Souls
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  • The Invisible Man

  • The Shiver of the Vampires

  • Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

  • Carrie

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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man (1933).
    Directed by James Whale.
    Adapted from the novel by HG Wells.

    "Even the moon is frightened of me!"

    Although, like the majority of the director's horrors, this to some degree presents itself as a dark comedy there really is a fine line which the film frequently crosses over to become genuinely disturbing. What begins with some vaguely subversive knockabout jibes (largely at the expense of the police) becomes less hilarious when the title character's actions escalate…

  • The Shiver of the Vampires

    The Shiver of the Vampires

    Le Frisson Des Vampires (1971).
    Directed by Jean Rollin.

    "These days everything is unbelievable..."

    From the psych-rock title theme onwards, this is Rollin's most accessible vampire film (I'm not sure 'conventional' is the right word) & the one I would recommend to start with if you haven't seen any of the director's unique, obsessive, idiosyncratic works.

    A new bride attempts to visit her distant cousins, only to discover they have died in mysterious circumstances the day before. And her honeymoon only…

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  • Carrie


    Carrie (1976).
    Directed by Brian De Palma.
    Adapted from the novel by Stephen King.

    "They're all gonna laugh at you!"

    One of the great depictions of that cruel, unnecessary & nightmarishly surreal world that we call 'school'. Strong performances by a largely female cast successfully steer the film away from the director's more camp theatrics to create a genuine teen tragedy (I always think of 'Carrie' as the celluloid equivalent of a Shangri-Las song).

    I actually first saw this on TV…

  • The Leopard Man

    The Leopard Man

    The Leopard Man (1943).
    Directed by Jacques Tourneur.

    Features the scariest walk to a local shop, the best 'trapped in a cemetery scene' ever & one of my all time favourite film characters (Clo-Clo, with her castanets!)