Rear Window

Rear Window ★★★★½

Rear Window is the first-ever Alfred Hitchcock movie I've watched and it delivered on pretty much everything I expected. The whole movie was just very well done and there were no big faults with it. It had the suspense and the unique way of framing the story that just made this movie great.
Majority of this movie is set in a single location with that being the apartment of the main character. From this location we, along with the lead can only see what is going on in this apartment and the backyard of this building. That gives this movie a unique feel, but also being in a single location somehow never gets old. You are just always invested and you don't even realize that you haven't moved one bit.
The set design is another thing that just blew me away in this movie. It is pretty much just a building and a backyard, but it is so well and uniquely designed that you just can't take your eyes away from it.
The performances are also great with James Stewart being my favorite. Even though he was my favorite, everyone else also did a great job and delivered a great performance.
Overall, I really liked Rear Window and it delivered on my expectations as this was my Hitchcock movie and I didn't know a lot going into it.

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