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One of the most misunderstood and underrated films on letterboxd, still can't believe how this is a 2.9 overall.

Firstly, from a technical perspective the camerawork reminds me of Gaspar Noé's (Benoît Debie worked on Climax and Enter the Void) in the way that the vibrant colours help conjure a dreamlike and almost psychedelic feeling.

The soundscape is sheer perfection as Cliff Martinez matches the video game like quality of the movie. I also love the use of Skrillex's 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' featured throughout as it is subtly reimagined and incorporated several times within the story.

Then comes the main criticism people have concerning the film: the story.
For people claiming that the movie is shallow and 'trying to be deep' i think there are several arguments against this.

Firstly, the director intended for the film to be viewed as an experience above anything else. Korine describes the film as having a liquid narrative which feels similar to Malick's films that go forwards and backwards in time; as well as featuring fleeting moments that feel as if you are inside someone's mind.

I feel like as the viewer, you will draw your own interpretations out of the story in terms of its' message and ideas (or lack of) and that it is worth giving a chance before quickly dismissing its' value.

For me, the story could be interpreted as a comment on a certain culture, in this instance spring break and how its' allusions of freedom and 'finding yourself' are actually dangerously misleading. This idea of false identity and misconception is later explored through the character of Alien who has little to no personnality and acts as a personification of the american dream.

I also like the idea of cultural appropriation sprinkled throughout the film, in the way that the very white middle class girls idolise the criminal lifestyle and latch on to something that was not created for them.

This ties into the idea that events such as spring break are much more capitalist driven business structures that thrive off the dog eat dog lifestyle of the poor. I mean i find the ending, where images of very white teenagers partying are contrasted with the corpses of all the real criminals pretty haunting.

Also love the ideas of fantasy vs reality sprinkled throughout. The fact that some of the girls breakout from that fantasy whilst the last two stay on almost as if they have completely given in to this dream-like state and have become ideas. This is shown through the last scene which plays out like a shoot out in GTA.

The subversion this film creates is also pretty insane, casting girls that are known for playing innocent little disney princesses and making them rob banks and take drugs is pretty ballsy. The original trailer for the film also looked like a project X or something which must of surprised quite a few lol. Also big respect to the cast for going along with this i almost can't belive it worked out, the performances are incredible across the board.

Really recommend I'm glad i gave it a second chance and i think you should too🙏

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