Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

After all the delays the day has finally come! As a massive Tarantino fan it's really something to watch his film for the first time in a theatre! The audience was also delightful so the experience was awesome. I know some reviews weren't the best and some had mixed thoughts about the film, but none of the reviews affected my anticipation rather increased even more.
And so I can finally say I freaking loved this film. It has it's imperfections, definitely some scenes that just made me feel uncomfortable and weird watching them. But at the end most of the scenes somehow work all together maybe they just could've been executed better. The runtime at first seemed a bit too long so it did surprise me how fast the time passed, I mean atleast once I do look at the phone to see what hour is it when I watch any film, and here I didn't even once! What actually disappointed me was the underdeveloped Sharon Tate and Charles Manson characters. Hearing 2 years ago that Tarantino is going to take on the story of Manson family murders was the most exciting film premise of any upcoming film. And I don't mind Rick Dalton's nor Cliff Booth's story at all. I did feel really satisfied about the ending. And those last 30 minutes of the films were perhaps the best of the year. Endgame was nice too, but have you ever seen Tarantino's violent scenes? Well that scene was on par with the Jews killing nazis in Inglorious Basterds.

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