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  • Lupin III: The First

    Lupin III: The First


    It was the movie we were hoping for, the popular and spectacular “blockbuster” that French cinemas have been desperately waiting for since the end of the lockdown. Released in December 2019 in Japan, LUPIN III - THE FIRST finally finds its way to theaters in France thanks to Eurozoom, the distribution company that had already allowed the release of IP MAN 4 in July with no less than 400 copies !

    As its title says, LUPIN III - THE FIRST…

  • Josep



    JOSEP is a French animated movie which relates the life of cartoonist Josep Bartoli through a series of flashbacks, primarily focusing on one episode of his life: his imprisonment in a Spanish immigrant camp in the south of France while fleeing the Spanish Civil War at the end of the 1930s. Directed by the also-cartoonist Aurel who chose to mix different types of drawing and animation, JOSEP is a surprisingly well-manufactured first feature that reminds us, after the very beautiful…

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  • Tenet



    TENET appears to be a regrettable step backwards, a return to a cinema so deeply "nolanian" that it feels dangerously close to caricature, even parody at times. And if Nolan's openly confessed desire to rule out any over-explanation in order to focus on immersion seems to recall his take on DUNKIRK, the execution on TENET is a rather flagrant failure which contributes to the outrageously obscure nature of the plot.

    The trouble with TENET is that its very concept requires…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Your average overlong, contemporary horror movie for teenagers with only easy jump scares, almost no blood on screen and, most of all, absolutely nothing that might be traumatic or disturbing for the (mainly young) audience.

    That movie tries to pretend it has reinvented the invisible man story by showing the bad sides such power could give to disturbed, egotic perverts. And it sure echoes with the woman condition and the battles of the "metoo" era.

    But even if it was…