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  • Vampyr



    While I view it more as a piece of film academia rather than what I consider entertainment,  I recognize it’s importance and I do appreciate its dreamlike visuals and loose storytelling. Simply put, mood and technique only goes so far with this one in my eyes.

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    Well. Here we are.

    Four years since the release of the Joss Whedon cut of the anticipated first live action outing of the Justice League of America. The awkwardly inserted jokes, the ramshackle CGI, and the unfortunate wash of underwhelming apathy was all we would be seeing for that time. Now we have the cut as close to Zack Snyder’s original intention as possible.

    My thoughts?

    Pithily said, I liked it.

    My only major grievances with the film is the…

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  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    The zombie genre still has its fair share of surprises, and this tale of sacrifice exemplifies that sentiment. 

    Simple but effectively realized characters, buttery smooth pacing at a near 2 hour run time, wonderfully inventive situations of terror, and a strong emotional thread make this one of the best examples of the subgenre I’ve seen in some time.

    All aboard!

  • A Goofy Movie

    A Goofy Movie


    Animation has its hiccups and the plot is basically Disney does John Hughes, but the 90’s, as well as the charm, heart, and laughs, is strong enough to give this ahyuckin flick a watch.