Minari ★★★★½

Seen at Sundance 2020

Possibly the most beautiful and visually poetic film I’ll see all year. The cinematography and incredible sound design evoke such strong emotion that it’s kinda difficult to pinpoint why this film is so amazing... the closest I can come to describing it would be a warm feeling of nostalgia, or as if you’re stepping into someone else’s memories, thus reflecting and recalling your own memories. MINARI feels like a collection of the best and worst of times while growing up, and I mean that as a huge compliment. Anyone who has ever been a child (so...everyone?) can relate to this in one way or another. Every character is so layered and complex. Whole cast was incredible! Steven Yeun knocked it out of the park. He’s so much more than Glenn from TWD and proves he’s one of the most promising actors working today. Alan S. Kim, who plays the little boy in the film, did a really good job and seemed so natural in his acting abilities. 

Overall, a very moving portrait of an immigrant family trying to achieve their version of the American Dream. Again, it’s hard to describe exactly why I loved this film so much other than the feeling I had within me the entire time. I will be watching and studying this film for a very long time. Stories like this need to be told.

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