Favorite films

  • Pauline at the Beach
  • Diary of a Country Priest
  • Blissfully Yours
  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

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  • Godard's Passion


  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed


  • Claire's Knee


  • Rebels of the Neon God


Recent reviews

  • Anticipation of the Night

    Anticipation of the Night


    All our ways of treating night as something to be shunned, something to be kept outside; creating the vacuum for the underbelly we so claim to despise.

    It's always the slumber of "day" and never an awakening in its own right.

    If this open sanctuary - only occassionaly embellished by our lights - is something we shut our door to, how much else are we keeping out unawares? Must we not invite in the night, in order to make the most of our days?

  • Ossos



    A film about the emptiness of a life without vocational pursuit, political awareness, art, philosophical enquiry and valuable connection to others and the world you're a part of; and how social stratification is the principal driving factor behind this involuntary asceticism.

Popular reviews

  • Nostalgia



    Man's unavoidable and essential submission to institutions when in search of freedom, but in the process logically losing that freedom + the danger of not having a future when the past is in the present.

    I really love this Tarkovsky guy.

  • The Big City

    The Big City


    Cultural imperialism, the unattainable perfection of idealism, how social conservatism is sustained by material deprivation, and a microcosm of how the feminist movement instantaneously went from a wonderful metaphysical goal to unrecognised disillusionment, as the most concrete achievement was the permission to submit oneself to the capitalist mode of production... on top of the formerly established patriarchy. Yay! And oh yeah, getting old sucks too, love conquers all, yadayadayada.

    A true marvel and the ultimate example of a film showing…