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Jasmim Bettencourt

Just a film lover. You can read articles I write about movies I watch on my blog and you can follow me on Instagram @jasmimtalkscinema_

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  • Don't Make Waves

    Don't Make Waves


    When 5 minutes in Tony Curtis is down to his undies, you know you're up for an interesting time 😂 In this sex comedy that couldn't be more 60's than it Extreme is, we follow Carlo Cofield, a New York tourist in California, who in the first day on the West coast finds himself being sucked into the world of crazy rich people and unconstrained sex - it's the 60s alright, and intoxicated love is in the air. Carlo meets…

  • Wanda



    "If you don't want anything you won't have anything, and if you don't have anything, you're as good as dead."
    A coal mine. The sun rises. The noises of machines fill the air. In a small house nearby, a woman awakens to the deafening sound of the machines outside and babies crying. Imprisoned in the confines of matrimony, messy hair covering her face. She awakens, but she would rather go to sleep. Sleep forever, in a land far away…

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  • Divine Love

    Divine Love


    The year is 2027. Brasil has been overtaken by the Evangelical church and Carnaval is no longer the biggest party of Brazil. It has been replaced by a new one, called Supreme Love, that has the format of a gigantic Christian rave party where people attempt to get closer to God through the transcendental electronic music. In this new Brazil, marriage and family are the center of society. Everything revolves around having (legitimate) children. At the entrance of every building,…

  • Fleeting



    An idiosyncratic love story that isn't really a love story. With a smoky and classy black-and-white cinematography, this is an interesting short that, though with a simple and even absurd plot, has it's own charm to it. It has a very Breathless feel to it, with the female lead reminding me a lot of a black-haired Jean Seberg. It is also an interesting "modern day silent film", and this raises the charm of the film, being sort of an anachronism…