Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★

Shane Black returns to the screen 9 years after his last screenplay. I love Lethal Weapon and still need to check out a few other films by the guy. Neither The Nice Guys nor this one really do anything for me. Shane Black trades in his usual ‘retard’ jokes for a bunch of gay jokes, like 30% of this movie is trying to get you to laugh at the fact that there indeed is a gay man in the movie. Pretty hilarious stuff. He’s gay! Not straight! Hardy har har..

Anyway, I’ll still check out more of his 80s-90s flicks or whatever else he puts out. He’s an entertaining enough filmmaker, and The Monster Squad rules! Robert Downey Jr. plays Robert Downey Jr. Val Kilmer plays Val Kilmer (but gay! 🤪) It’s a pretty run of the mill neo-noir/mystery. The women characters are pretty thinly written, and their nipples are just popping out for no reason. This movie has straight white male dude written all over it bro. There’s swearing.. and it’s hilarious! It’s hip, it’s edgy, it’s probably homophobic and definitely misogynistic. I didn’t really hate it but I wouldn’t put it on again. Shane Black didn’t make another film for 8 years after this one.

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