Maximum Overdrive ★★½

Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) recently said on Mick Garris’ podcast (‘Post Mortem’) that he would love to write and direct a reboot of ‘Maximum Overdrive.’ I think that’s a great idea and who ever owns the rights to ‘Trucks’ (the short story it’s based on) should provide Hill with this opportunity, the only stipulation being he has to do exactly as much cocaine as his father did during the making of the original.

Stephen King made this the same year he released ‘It,’ one of his most massive pieces of work. Stephen King’s ability to churn out classic after classic and these sprawling epic epics, one after the other, is incredibly impressive. I think he was at his drug induced creative peak, but also near the bottom of a drug induced decent in quality of life and that tended to spill into his work. Just read the ending of ‘It.’ I feel like the final act of ‘It’ was written by a different writer, or the same writer but on way too much cocaine. Stephen King has made some of my favorite content of all time, but sometimes he makes stuff that’s just okay, not great, and every once in a while, even bad. Maximum Overdrive is definitely one of those.

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