The Boy Behind The Door

The Boy Behind The Door ★★½

On paper, this seems like 100% my kind of movie. Basically Don’t Breathe meets The People Under the Stairs with two kidnapped 12-year-old boys trying to escape a sinister house.

But it hit the wrong note for me right from the start, with the boys having a wistful, poetic (phony), this-was-written-by-adults conversation that sounds like no conversation that any two 12-year-old boys would ever have. (“I can’t wait ‘til we’re older…we can leave this place.” “Where do you wanna go?” “Just somewhere different…somewhere the sun’s always shining.” and “Friends til the end, right?” “Friends til the end.”) Because that’s how 12-year-old talk. 🙄 Pretty bad sign when you’re already rolling your eyes less than five minutes in.

Post-kidnapping, there are a few effectively suspenseful sequences here, but way too many lapses in logic and reason that ultimately derail the sense of realism that it’s obviously going for. Also, two extremely blatant “homages” (more like copyright infringement) to The Shining serve only as a needless distraction.

However! I will admit that the thumb scene almost made the whole thing worth watching. You’ll know it when you see it!

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