Villains ★★★

Maika Monroe and Bill Skarsgård are criminals who commit small time robberies.  They could have been a pair with a serious lack of scruples.  But they really aren’t that bad.  Kind of a cute, couple actually, just dabbling in some bad behaviour.  We don’t really get to know them very well.  They wind up in a house with a pair of quirky psychos, who could have been super crazy and demented but really aren’t that memorable stacked alongside other movie maniacs.  The tone of the movie too is mixed between dark comedy and thriller but not particularly strong in one or the other and ending up kind of diluted and lacking in punch. The best part for me was simply a point of view shot alternating between Monroe and Skarsgård as she straddles and looks down at him.  Her long blonde hair closes around his head, forming an intimate space where only the two of them exist for each other.  It’s a lovely, creative visual.