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  • Calculated Risk

    Calculated Risk


    Standard low budget caper film, the main appeal of which is its good ear for realistic dialogue. A curious piece of trivia: this was George Martin's second film score, made just as his work with The Beatles was catching fire.

  • The Knack... and How to Get It

    The Knack... and How to Get It


    This -- not Help! -- is the true stylistic sequel to A Hard Day's Night, and is a richer, more thematically interesting work, often using the same disruptive cinematic techniques Lester employed in The Beatles' first film. Here, the goal is to deconstruct misogyny and the whole idea of the smooth playboy, done at just the moment the Swinging London scene was at full power. As others have noted, it tells its jokes with such a straight face you may think it's serious, but that's a tribute to the subtlety of its satire. Crawford and Tushingham are just fantastic.

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  • Network



    Felt like a cynical, absurdist warning at the time, now seems like a prophecy.

  • Moon



    This taps into a very satisfying 70s downbeat science fiction vibe, centered on Rockwell's excellent performance. The art direction is outstanding and the practical effects are, as one would suspect by this point, an important part of the overall effect. A tribute to the virtues of simple, humane storytelling.