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  • The Policeman

    The Policeman


    This is Film #5/20 in a series of films on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict that I’m planning to watch over the next few weeks. It’s meant to be supplementary to two educational materials I’m currently going through: Salim Yaqub’s The United States and the Middle East: 1914 to 9/11 (2003) and Rashid Khaladi’s The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine (2020). I’ll be writing reviews for each film and hope to learn a lot more about this near-century long conflict.


  • Florante at Laura

    Florante at Laura


    This is Film #4/20 on a series I’m going through of post-WW2 Philippine cinema. In contemporary film discourse, most of these films and filmmakers have not been given much due, and so I’d like to remedy that in my own way by engaging with them over the next few weeks. These films are available online for free on the Citizen Jake Vimeo and YouTube pages, though they are in relatively poor condition and do not have subtitles.

    Florante at…

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  • The Woman Who Left

    The Woman Who Left


    on the way back in the subway i overheard two students talking about the movie and praising how well they were able to recreate the 90s by not making it look too modern. how they were able to show well what a "shitty" place it was to live in. my heart sank because that's just how the country looks today.

    there's too much in this movie to really unpack in a review like this but i think that the most…

  • As We Were

    As We Were


    What is a Filipino anyway?

    My relationship with national identity has been confusing to say the least. For thirteen years I studied in a Filipino Chinese Catholic school that constantly emphasized how culturally separate their specific subcategory was from the average Filipino. We had different kinds of traditions, holidays and food, we even looked a certain way—tsinoy, as we were called. Most of us.

    I was a special case because of my foreign family name. It was white. Not the…