Like Someone in Love ★★★★½

Criterion Collection Spine #708
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When I saw Certified Copy I was blown away, never thought Abbas Kiarostami had a bigger surprise three years later with Someone In Love, the simplicity of the story but the complexity of affection and desire is magnificent.

Kiarostami takes it’s time with every scene, He doesn’t rush or cut corners at any moment, he lets the camera linger 10 or 20 seconds more than I am used to, and is so effective, I get that extra mannerism, that extra facial expression, is genius, simple and affective.

The cinematography exquisite, Tokyo at night, the lights, the shadows, the neon lights and the reflection on every surfaces, is unique and beautiful to watch, is another character in the film.

Like Someone in Love is very minimal there is not much dialogue and the dialogue that is out there is like mini stories in the main story , every story seems to represent a thesis statement on love and desire, every sentence seems to carry a heavy punch of realization of what relationships are.

Abbas Kiarostami is becoming in one of my favorite directors with every film, I find his simple approach to film making refreshing and at the same time thought provoking, Like Someone in Love is one of my favorite film of the decade so far.

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