No ★★★★

Vamos a decir que NO! oh-oh
Chile, La alegria ya vieeene!
Chile, La alegria ya vieeene!
Chile, La alegria ya vieeene!

NO is a fictional political piece, that not only chanced Chile as a country, it changed a Continent. NO encapsulates a moment in time, a moment that is still present in the hearts and minds of there people.

Now, Let's talk about the film...
Pablo Larraín's NO is clever, the director took the bold decision to shoot with a rebuilt vintage Sony U-Matic video camera. This gave a blurred, over expose and muddy look to the film, I guess some might say this is gimmicky or distracted. I was hooked, it transported me to late 80's television broadcasts.

Gael García Bernal seems to be an actor that doesn't get the accolade that he deserves, the man is quality! And one of his better trades is his virtue of learning different accents, when he did The Motorcycle Diaries his Argentine accent was spot-on, when he has done generic Spanish roles his monotone accent worked great, and in NO his Chilean accent is nothing less than brilliant.

Gael García Bernal portraits a man that for narcissistic reason change the history and the path of a nation, is debatable is that is true or false, but, what is true, the whole film rest on his shoulders and he deliveres in every scene, Like I said before brilliant.

NO is entertaining. Pablo Larraín knew when to be respectfully funny and when to put a serious face, after all this are very delicate subjects and Larrain found a perfect balance of entertainment and seriousness that didn't felt preachy in any way.

Pablo Larraín, storytelling and adaptation of El Plebiscito, written by Antonio Skármeta is well worth watching not only for the subject matter but for the execution of the material.

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