Oldboy ★★★

"Heaven make me free of it. The rest is silence."

Spike Lee's Oldboy biggest flaw is the fact that is a remake of Park Chan-wook cult classic OldBoy and people that hate remake just because they are remakes, side note: I am not a fan of remakes myself but, I rather watch the film first and then make an opinion than ripping the film apart before even watching it.

The film is not bad, is entertaining, yes by itself it doesn't explain some aspects of what is happening, but no one is saying is a perfect film in any way shape or form.

Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen where good, I mean this are two great actors so charisma and sympathy come with the package, the cinematography was fine but not outstanding, I didn't saw any trades from Spike Lee to me that's my biggest complain.

With all that said, the film is entertaining, I enjoyed it, it when pretty quick and I was not bored for a minute, I expectations where meet, good casting, good direction and a great story that I already knew and not as bad as other remakes I seen.

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