Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

to explain it would be to understand it and to understand it would be to basically interpret 40,000 news articles on war, human history, suffering, pop culture, drugs, infernal capitalism, internal societal strifes, time travel, human relativity and dimensional influence.

fuck me.

this is more of a passion project than Donnie Darko ever was. Its an all-fuck mess but this is raw pure cane ambition, spilled across a table by the cat of the mind, you left the hatch in your head open and you cant catch him running around the room. Richard Kelly made the definition of a career-killer. Something that shouldve (and probably to others wouldve) taken 20 years to write and another 20 to even get the courage to shoot.

Reading the prequel comic before it, it gave me slivers of character story and really helped understand motives and the wheels of relations and governmental ties but it didnt prepare me for the hyper-saturated coloursnap density of that post-nuclear hellifornia. like all the twitter feeds showing fox news clips, war footage, fan art, vaporwave remixes and instagram filtered sunsets were all pulled from the small screen, kneaded, and spread across the big screen.

Kelly loves that time-travel domino fall. events no matter how tiny, lead up to a point. a point to define everything that the small events existed for in the first place, so does that make the small events inconsequential? because their existence are meaningless to themselves? fuck knows man, im not clever.

i cant even explain this any better sorry. my brains falling out my ears like fuckin porridge.

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