Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★

#BatmanForever is one of those movies you love it or you hate it. I find it the most divided batman movie out there. This movie has its ups and downs. Now I liked Keaton as batman but I feel Kilmer had the better suit, vehicles and voice for batman. He has a deeper voice. But Kilmer isn't a good Bruce for me. He doesn't look like a Bruce to me. It put me off in them scenes but as batman he suited it. This movie has a mixed story for me. Some parts are really jumbled because there isn't just batman and two villains. You also have Alfred/Robin/chase. All good performances especially from Carrey/Jones as Riddler/Two Face. The look of two face is something off-putting & dated. But at the time I understand. The script was abit meh/cringe in some areas especially for Robin. The robin suit looked great. also the new batsuit ❤️ The action was there it was more explosions. This felt more about the romance between Bruce and chase which was annoying. We couldve had more backstory on 2Face. Robin felt like a rush add in too. It was abit sloppy from the writing team/ Burton. Other than this it was good. Good fight scenes. Good music. Good technically. Best part about this easily for me is Carrey as Riddler. His charisma oozes on the screen. For me this is a movie that should've been better than it is. Frustrating but still decent. 6.5/10