Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen

Words fail, words fail, there’s nothing I can say.
Yeah you’re not kidding. 

What a ghastly premise. Like, truly horrifying and dangerous. For the performative activists, the black-square-touting Instagrammers-for-a-cause, I guess I can see how this may strike a chord. But for the audience to be meant to relate to the “outsider in all of us,” with little Evan Hansen as our vessel, it just feels so misconceived. He’s a compulsive liar who manufactured stories and put words in the mouth of a dead kid he knew nothing about. Let’s celebrate that…?

Ben Platt looks so fucking old. Kaitlyn Dever deserves the Medal of Freedom for having to feign romantic interest in him, the most 35-year-old-looking 27-year-old I’ve ever seen. Lots of homophobic shit mixed in? Amy Adams and Danny Pino are in another movie.

Julianne Moore is predictably excellent. A couple of these songs, entirely removed from context, are quite nice. Amandla Stenberg is stunning wow.

Let’s forget this ever happened.

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