Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

A cool concept and engaging plot, though the CGI and pop culture references loom a bit too large. 
This film has a lot of interesting detail and action, sometimes so much that it can be overwhelming. I liked the concept of accumulated wealth in avatars, as well as the idea of investigating the creator in order to solve challenges. 
The film has a good moral center; built on the conflict between gaming as a positive means of fun and connection, and corporate interests of profit, addiction, and control. The setting itself opens up new possibilities within this traditional underdog story. 
While there are many fun and exciting moments, the film occasionally gets bogged down by an overstimulating visual style and gaps in the logistics of virtual gaming. It has a good heart at its core, especially in the character of the anti-Jobs, Halladay, and a unique sense of fun, even if it’s overwhelmed by nostalgia and self-awareness at times.

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