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  • Nomadland



    Left me speechless...

    Nomadland was... incredible; a wholeheartedly sensitive, thoroughly grounded, and immensely beautiful film that trailed along a monumentally touching and philosophical story with patience, optimism, and Frances McDormand.

    Chloe Zhao’s unmatched direction, editing, and proper blend of documentary and narrative filmmaking exhibited something remarkable; an atmospheric delight that boasted drastic tones, moods, and structures, yet always found a way to mix whatever was intended. It’s both a critique of the economic failures of the country, but a love-letter to…

  • Boys State

    Boys State


    Best Documentary Feature lock.

    Boys State was an unbelievably electrifying, fantastically shot, and profoundly informative documentary that successfully captured the unhinged brutality, toxicity, and aggressiveness of politics without filter or bias - just footage.

    In light of the policial discourse that has been present in my country for quite some time, and especially with what occurred at the U.S. Capitol Building two days ago, this was an unforgettable and immensely fascinating watch. The documentary managed to provoke practically every emotion…

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  • Parasite



    Parasite (2019)
    dir. Bong Joon-ho

    Third time… it’s practically flawless; an effortlessly seamless, insanely allegorical, hilarious and terrifying film that explores such a multitude of messages, themes, and genres yet somehow balances it all without stopping, never once letting its audience take a breather before throwing more brilliancy at them without remorse. It’s an unbelievable film.

    Who knew that a rock, a flickering light and a smell could mean so much and be just so devestating? What else can I say? 

    It’s a masterpiece. 🪨

  • Willy's Wonderland

    Willy's Wonderland


    Willy’s Wonderland (2021)
    dir. Kevin Lewis

    A disastrously crafted, repetitive, and extremely clichéd film that was, somehow, a hilariously soothing and throughly engaging experience. No matter how hideous or poorly constructed this film got, it’s vibrancy, unhinged action, and commitment to its premise - although it never met it’s potential, borrowing plenty of gimmicks from Five Night’s at Freddy’s - kept this from falling short. Nicolas Cage curb-stopping and bashing possessed animatronics was simply something I didn’t know I needed…

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  • Fail Safe

    Fail Safe


    (Fail Safe (1964)
    dir. Sidney Lumet

    Technology and time are the true enemy of this profoundly thrilling, bleak, and sharply edited procedural of ‘accidental’ nuclear war; one that not only compliments Stanley Kubrick’s film released the same year, but offers a realistic, staggering, but grim screenplay that questions the morality of the people who created these machines in the first place and how one must responsibility for their destruction. Sidney Lumet — who also directed 12 Angry Men, my favorite film of…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Leigh Whannell is definitely becoming one of my favorite horror writer-directors working today, with Upgrade and this under his belt.

    This. Was. Great. 

    I have some issues involving some story elements, which I’ll look into of course, but overall, I really enjoyed this. Fantastic acting—Elizabeth Moss was unbelievably great—incredibly shot, and gratifyingly written. Thrilling, innovative, and very suspenseful all around.

    Full review soon! 🔪