Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

"He'll live."- The Terminator

Before this viewing I've always preferred this to the original. This time around I had a couple little issues that I will address. I still think it's one of the finest sequels ever made, but I do like the first one better now.

I think that the story is fantastic and executed very well. While some of the effects are dated in the first film, the same cannot be said here. Terminator 2: Judgement Day still looks amazing 23 years after its original release. The CGI effects were revolutionary. The effects used for the T-1000 are particularly impressive. T2 clearly benefits from a larger budget than the first film. The action scenes are grander (though not necessarily better), the effects as I said are better, and the film just feels bigger in scale.

My first little problem with the film is the atmosphere. I dot mean to say that this film doesn't have a good atmosphere, but it certainly doesn't have that same feel that I love from the first film. I'd also like to say that even though I enjoy seeing Arnie as the good guy, I do prefer him as the remorseless murder machine from the first film. Lets be honest here, who's scarier: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Robert Patrick? I'm not saying Patrick is t scary, cause I definitely think he is (and I think his performance is fantastic), but he just isn't as physically threatening as Arnold.

My other problem with the film is Edward Furlong as John Connor. He's not terrible, but he does have the tendency to get on my nerves. He's pretty goddamn annoying at times. I've actually heard some say that he ruins the movie. I myself wouldn't go that far, but I wouldn't have minded someone else being in the role. Another thing this film misses is Kyle Reese. He is such a badass character so its a bit disappointing that he isn't in this film. Yes I know he's dead, so he can't be in the film, but still its sad he's not in it. (Though he does briefly appear in a dream sequence in the Director's Cut)

Overall, despite its setbacks, Terminator 2: Judgement Day still manages to be an extremely entertaining film. It doesn't have the same atmosphere from the first film and Furlong is annoying, but I can look past that. The sequence in the Mental Institution is fantastic and there are some great action sets. The series should have ended with this film, but of course they had to milk it for every penny. I don't buy that bullshit in T3 about how they only postponed Judgement Day. 9/10

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