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  • Ebola Syndrome

    Ebola Syndrome


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


    Broadly offensive, yet still rather tasteless and toothless virus paranoia CAT III junk. You do get a rather skeevy and vile Mega Anthony Wong performance though, who gets a pretty fittingly ridiculous final death scene.

  • The Decameron

    The Decameron


    “Fuck horny jail.” - Pier Paolo Pasolini (Apocryphal)

    One of the greatest of all sex comedies in the sense that it paints lovemaking as an act of liberation and resistance in the face of moral authoritarianism, as well as it’s relatively progressive sex-positive attitude that depicts it as a healthy intrinsic desire that should be treasured between consenting partners (To the point where the angels of God don’t view it as a sin, in a rather terrific riposte to Catholic…

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