The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Delightfully odd, Lanthimos’ The Favourite features some absolutely fantastic performances from all three titular women. Colman is especially alluring as the idiosyncratic queen. The shots in this film are also astounding. I especially liked the wide angle shots of the ballrooms and the estate. Lanthimos has a unique ability as a director to fully develop the world of the film. With the great acting and cinematography, the film feels fully realized. This is a director who has 100% control over the vision of the film. It was a pure joy to be able to watch this film unravel. The sound design is eerie, but also quite majestic. The script is tight but also blisteringly funny. The pacing of the movie is also a highlight. It’s never boring, and I also had no idea when it would end. I don’t know if the ending was what I had in mind, but thinking back on it, I do think the ending fits the oddball vibe of the film. Overall, from a technical standpoint this film is a marvel. It adds another worthy addition to Lanthimos’ filmography.

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