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  • De-Lovely



    When I first saw this movie, I was a recently-out undergrad who spent off-hours hanging out in the theater department. I was primed to love it, and I did. I bought the DVD. I bought the soundtrack. I watched it with friends. And I still love this insane, mess of a movie.

    There's a framing device in which Jonathan Pryce plays the angel Gabriel, shepherding old Cole Porter through a "This Is Your Life" segment that is peppered with performers…

  • The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

    The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex


    The beginning is stodgy and ridiculous. Bette Davis seems to believe Queen Elizabeth was not a person but a collection of nervous tics; Errol Flynn is giving a performance from a high school production; and the rest of the cast gets nothing interesting to do.

    Then something shifts: the film settles down a bit and jettisons Errol Flynn to his unseen earldom. It took me a while to realize what Bette Davis was doing. Unlike the stoic, unflappable Queen Elizabeth…

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  • Peyton Place

    Peyton Place


    This may contain the least realistic courtroom scene I've ever seen, and I've watched every episode of Matlock.

  • The Lost World

    The Lost World


    Bob Hoskins is an excellent Challenger (perhaps my favorite), and the rest of the cast is quite good. It's interesting how the different versions add in a female character and different themes. This one opts for a missionary's niece who acts as translator and guide. It also piles on some religious themes.