A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★

There are mainly two problems here for me: the main one is that i didn't care about this characters. except the girl who is the only character the movie gives a deeper meaning (because of two events, this is her journey). the rest? we don't know them. there isn't a scene where their personalities arise. they're careful? of course. they want to protect their children? i think everyone wants. the movie had the challenge of trying to describe the characters without have them talking much but it failed.

second: the music. the concept of this is good: an almost silent semi horror film where ear sensitive monsters are around. the idea of the silence being the salvation is good. it also makes easier for the eventual scares or tension: after all the tension is always "don't make noise, even if you hurt yourself or are horrorized by what you've seen". but still i enjoyed it. the idea of needing silence in order to survive is a good idea. and would make everyone at the cinema more sensitive to the neighbouring sounds of the next seats.

but why not going totally through with it ? do we need music here? of course not. the scenes would work way better without any music. it even hurts the concept. i wanted to hear the sound of the branches and leaves, not any random suspenseful music to "set the mood". because it didn't set any mood, the mood is set already by the fact that no one can make big noises. there's only one reason i can see for the existence of music here.

fear. fear of the audiences not "understanding" the film and call it "boring". fear that without the sound people would not go see this because...well it would be different from most studio films. this would have worked better if no music entered. just sounds. the fear audiences would have, just because someone stepped into a tree branch. that's how this could have been a total winner concept for me. making me scared just by any slight small sound i usually don't care about in my normal routine. make me aware that any sound can be danger. leaving this film scared of breathing because it might already be too loud.

making me sound sensitive. that's what the film should wanted to become. instead is a family story of survival with almost no one we actually care. again: it's still good entertainment but it needed to be as well executed as it was thought. and honestly? they weren't that far away. just a pinch of more courage and character development. ps: i actually think krasinski directed this well.

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