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  • Xtro



    Legitimately unbelievable. An insane intersection of B-movie goop and wild, unhinged imagination - almost like if you took E.T. and sucked out everything that was wholesome and comforting about it. Will almost certainly watch this a million more times.

  • Gymkata



    In 1985 the first early warning earth station was placed in Parmistan for the U.S. Star Wars Defense Program, but they don't teach you damn kids about that in school no more. For shame. Where is the America I knew as a boy.

    A baffling, totally delusional vanity project, but my god is it amusing as hell. It's barely even a movie, but a series of haphazardly assembled and incompetent fight scenes, all taking place in some kind of Nickelodeon…

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  • Re-Animator



    The third act of Re-Animator, own its own, is better than most horror flicks. It's an unhinged, visceral, repulsive saga that kicks it up yet another fucking notch every time you think it's reached its peak. This is exactly what I wish every cheese-oozing B movie was like. The camp is palpable (I GAVE HIM LIFE!) but not embarassing, the gore is that special kind of I-can't-chew-my-food-without-thinking-about-blood-and-guts level disgusting, and the cast, particularly Jeffrey Combs, is an absolute delight.


  • Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky


    I think I said "fuck it, this is the greatest movie ever made" at least three times. My beard grew two inches whenever Ricky's fist went clean through a man or concrete wall.

    So I feel like I've seen this lumped into the "so bad it's good" category here and there, and while maybe that's fair to an extent, it's a legitimate blast and actually quite a unique kung fu/splatter flick hybrid. This is furious, unhinged, gleeful insanity - with…