My reviews are made with love and difficults in english because i am ✨french✨ And english in school ✨sucks✨

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  • Raw



    A film about ✨curious vegetarians✨
    More seriously, I was reluctant to watch this movie knowing that it is categorized as a horror movie but I'm glad I saw it. it's well filmed, very artistic and the acting is really good!
    It’s not an horror movie , it’s a movie with blood and some tasty scenes (—>🖕🏼🦵🏻💋)
    But let's say I crossed the vet profession off the list.

  • Poetry



    It's the story of a grandmother named Mija, who decides to enroll in a poetry class when she finds out she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease...
    But the fight doesn’t end with this disease; A student from the same high school as Mija's grandson (who lives with her) was found dead in a river where she allegedly committed suicide and we quickly understand that this drama will be at the heart of Mija's dilemma. This grandmother looks at the…

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  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    This movie gave me a feeling of liberty , of revenge  .
    For some people it’s just an action movie but for me it’s more than that . 
    It’s so powerfull to see this story that is not exactly the real : because we believe , we want this end , we want the feeling that’s happend !!
    It’s really hard to broad humour on a subject like that but Tarantino is a genius and has the power to give us…

  • Parasite



    Le fait que l’on ne comprenne pas du tout la bande-annonce - c’est très intelligent .
    on voit son amour pour le cinéma ainsi que sa culture cinématographique. Il innove avec ses changements allant d'une simple comédie à un thriler en passant par un film d'horreur ,
    Je recommande totalement car on ne sait pas à quoi s’attendre .

    The fact that we don’t understand at all the trailer - it’s too smart .

    we see his love for cinema…