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  • The Minstrel Killer

    The Minstrel Killer

    First thing to note here is the amazing film quality which looks about as 70s as it gets, with excellent camerawork by lil’ Davey Brashear, who also gets a producer credit. Nice and grainy and washed-out, with bonus film damage effects from time to time without going over the top. Lovely. Fredianelli and his cohorts obviously took great pains with the whole period look and design of the film, and it pays off in spades. Costumes, vehicles and décor are…

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    It's quite easy to see why people hate this - it's a bizarre mishmash of killer robots, magic face-melting masks and wacky evil corporation shenanigans. Sounds like fun to anyone, but the majority of horror-guzzling goons with boners for Michael Myers weren't too impressed with it. But the movie's only real problem is the title, which is probably a tad misleading. Otherwise it's fun and crazy stuff, with doctor playing detective to investigate a patient's bizarre death (though I assume…

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  • Jade



    It’s hard not to compare Jade to Basic Instinct, which came out a couple of years before. Similar sordid sexymurderer plot with “did she or didn’t she” ambiguity, sumptuous San Francisco locations, and a fairly clueless cop stumbling through the investigation like Inspector Clouseau with a boner. These comparisons are not surprising though, seeing both were written by smokin’ Joe Eszterhas (though apparently Friedkin did an extensive rewrite here, much to Joe’s chagrin). With Uncle Billy at the helm, there…

  • The Osterman Weekend

    The Osterman Weekend

    Peckinpah’s final flick is enjoyable pulpy slop, with a script that veers from unintelligible to ridiculous. Yet somehow the film ends up not sucking. Could it because there are babes with bare boobs onscreen roughly every five minutes? Maybe. Very loosely based on a mediocre Ludlum paperback, the story concerns shonky CIA spooks enlisting a chatshow host to help catch a bunch of his old buddies, who are a cadre of Russian agents. Or are they. OR ARE THEY…? Twists…