The Invasion

Third remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers is the epitome of popcorn viewing. Inoffensive, nicely filmed and immediately forgettable. Nicole Kidman sleepwalks her way through in the lead with a cellphone permanently attached to her ear, trying to contact her kid every five minutes or so as everyone around her transforms into a pod. Though because it’s the millennium, pods aren’t involved – it’s now… DUN DUN DUNNNNN… a space virus brought back on exploded shuttle fragments. Topical. Casino Royale buddies Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Craig tag along in supporting roles, but don’t have much to do other than play taxi driver to Kidman and spout science-speke exposition. Don’t waste your time, you’ll get more enjoyment from watching the chilling Kaufman remake for the tenth time. Or even Ferrara’s Body Snatchers, which at least had Gabrielle Anwar’s sweet snoobs on show in a couple of scenes.