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  • Amélie



    Beautifully constructed and endlessly charming, Amelie explores the trivial things in life and the happiness small things can bring to our simple lives. It's a simple story told with such elegance and style, that it's hard not to fall in love with it. An easy top 10 finish in my all-time favorites list.

    I've never heard of Jean-Pierre Jeunet before but after seeing this masterpiece, it has finally triggered my senses to go hunt for more of his films. His…

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Absolutely hysterical and surprisingly heartwarming, Palm Springs is a very creative romantic comedy that recycles the time-loop scenario into something fresh and original, while also adding a bit of existentialism.

    Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti are absolutely great and have wonderful chemistry. The dialogue is sharp and witty. The direction was neat and had a real 80's rom-com vibe to it, which I really dig. It's just a really fun watch that will slap a massive grin on even the gloomiest of faces.

    Definitely one of the better movies to come out of the shitshow that is 2020.

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  • Parasite



    Absolutely perfect. Not a single weak point. Everything from the brilliant acting, the masterful directing, the witty writing, the mesmerizing music, the breathtaking cinematography, the sharp editing. All those elements fit so perfectly into one another to create this cinematic ballet about social inequality and the class structure.

    Bong Joon Ho has cemented himself as one of the top filmmakers in recent history and also my favorite director of all time. He is a master of his craft and his…

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    Donnie Darko is by no means a terrible film, but it is severely overrated. I mean, it had a really captivating atmosphere; sort of this eerie and mysterious vibe that I could totally get behind. The needle-drops were awesome and really captured the aesthetic Richard Kelly was going for. The performances were great, especially Jake Gyllenhall who knocked it out of the park as Donnie.

    But, ultimately, the movie didn't really connect with me. The plot was so muddled and…